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Accounting Practice Valuation

Accounting Practice Valuation

Professional, accurate valuation for your business

Valuing your business is an essential and often difficult step in selling your business, buyers often ask for an interdependent professional valuation. We can help you cover the range of business information needed to produce an accurate valuation to satisfy banks, prospective buyers or simply to provide you a report on the current value of your business. 

We value business goodwill

We have extensive experience calculating business goodwill for Accounting businesses. There are several factors we look at, including;

  • Client loyalty and relations
  • Advice Type
  • Client Demographic
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Staff  
  • Compliance history
  • Business operations
  • Geography

Our valuation services

 With extensive experience in the buying and selling of Accounting and Financial Planning practices our valuation services have consistent processes and the highest compliance standard. We can provide interdependent reports, strategic advice, market value options and much more. Mergers, acquisitions and succession plans often include financial, regulatory and operational problems with which Growth Focus can provide additional services. Read more about our services in our Growth section or click here