Business Financing

We provide loans & advice that banks can’t or won’t ! 

The Freedom to have extra cash in your business

  • Fund mergers or acquisitions

  • Pay off existing debts
  • Buy out a partner
  • Grow your business
  • Merge with another
  • Release your hard earned capital
  • Value your business

or do any of the following apply to you ?

  • I have an ATO payment plan in place.

  • I want to add a new staff member but need more working capital.

  • I use my personal credit card to fund growth in my business.

  • I am splitting from my partner and need funding to pay them out.

  • I have been rejected for a loan by the bank because of my credit history.

  • All my property assets are already used as security or I have no property assets.

  • I have a new initiative to boost my business but need working capital to start it.

Growth Focus partners with Book Buyers Brokerage Services Australasia (BBBSA) who are a specialist merger and acquisitions boutique and a niche finance provider for finance brokers and other allied financial services professionals. Specialities include business loans, buying and selling books or practices and consulting.

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If you are seeking assistance with your growth through funding, people or marketing our growth services division can help.