Accurately predict the performance of your next Financial Planning Hire

If you could benchmark new candidates or existing staff against industry high performers, would that be of value to you ?

Benchmark Job Success Formulas are available for the following roles :

  • Financial Planners
  • Para Planners
  • Assistant Planners
  • Client Service Officers
  • and Practice Managers

Our assessments produce an overall score plus a breakdown of each weighted trait and behaviour plus those traits to avoid.  The accompanying explanation against each specific trait can be used manage and improve in each specific area.

  • Be sure you are hiring the right people for a specific job
  • Avoid the expense of having to manage poor performance
  • Reduce employee turnover and recruitment costs
  • Gain powerful insights when hiring, developing, or promoting employees
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Is based on 25+ years of behavioural research
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Is used in over 30 countries


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a bonus Recruiting Toolkit including

  • Sample Financial Planners Job Success Formula
  • Sample Para Planner Job Success Formula
  • Sample Insurance Adviser Job Success Formula
  • Sample Practice Manager Job Success Formula
  • Sample Client Services Officer Job Success Formula
  • Sample Interview questions to ask the specific sample individual
  • The SAOL formula for effective interviewing
  • 10 Powerful interview questions every hiring manager should be asking
  • A Current Template Letter of Employment prepared by an Australian Solicitor