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Selling a Mortgage Book

When it’s time to reap the rewards of all your years of effort devoted to nurturing your business, a little advance planning can pay off handsomely. We provide services that allow you to prepare to sell your mortgage business or book now, or in five to ten years, to complete your own deal with a friend or peer, sell to an employee or partner, or to list your practice on the open market and sell to anyone you choose. If you have ever considered selling your Mortgage book or business, we can offer you:

  • Complete confidentiality in minimizing the possibility of employees, vendors, and competitors, finding out that your business is for sale
  • Access to hundreds of buyers across the country
  • Our vetting system presenting only pre qualified buyers to you with an indicative price.
  • Comparable sales data to help you maximize the value of your practice
  • Widest possible coverage without exposure
  • Personal, individual guidance from start to finish
  • Assistance transitioning your clients


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