Benefits of Fixed Fee Recruiting


  • Your search will be handled by expert recruiters. Our average consultant has over 10 years recruiting experience

Reduced Costs

  • We can reduce your cost-per-hire by up to 70% and give the same service you would receive from a traditional percentage of salary fee recruiter

Time Saving

  • Save time. Let us handle the process for you while you spend more time on your business


  • Option of branded or anonymous campaigns should you prefer not to broadcast to the market you are hiring


  • Geographic targeting – A sophisticated mapping system by Australian Post code to zero in on candidates in your specific territory.


  • Get maximum exposure for your vacancy. We have preferential advertising rates plus display advertising techniques and templates to get a better response

Reference Checking

  • Thorough reference checking

Psychometric testing

  • Psychometric testing to gain deep insight into your candidates giving you  peace of mind you have hired the right person


  • All responses are yours should you wish to build up your own future candidate database

Advanced technology

  • Use of leading hiring technology to attract active and passive jobseekers

Fixed Fee

  • Fixed Fee – Never again deal with a biased recruitment consultant desperate to make a placement. No commission ensures your recruiter’s absolute objectivity. No risk of any bias.

Automatic Reporting

  • Automatic and on request reporting to keep you updated with every stage of the recruitment process

Speed of service

  • We are fast – shortlist delivered within 7-10 days. Ability to identify and move on the right candidates sooner. Often strong candidates are missed because of a lack of prompt follow up.