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The difference the right recruit can make to an organisation can mean the difference between the organisation thriving, just surviving or floundering. Making the right decision about appointing the right person is therefore critical. Covering the entire market to ensure the best possible candidate available is appointed is paramount. This is where we come in.


Growth Focus is currently working with some exceptional CFP qualified planners in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane including one of the most extensive networks of planners and wealth management professionals in Non Metro / Regional Areas. We also have some highly qualified

  • General Managers
  • Senior para planners
  • Practice Managers
  • Dealer Group BDM’s
  • Junior advisers
  • Internal Services
  • Superannuation Managers
  • and qualified Customer service staff

Call Penny or Tracey or Steven for an overview of some of the top registered candidates currently in your specific area.

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